Sam Aloi

Being a member of the Charitable Trust inspires me. By changing just one person’s situation, we can help them develop a better life for themselves and their family.

Jean Lewis
Board Member:

The Trust is important to me as it affords me an opportunity to give back to those less fortunate, to make a difference to the causes I am passionate about, and support our communities.  Seeing the positive changes our work makes to the lives and families of the charities we support inspires and challenges me to support the Trust.

I am a founding member of the Trust, a current Board Member and the NDY corporate office representative.  I oversee the daily operations and coordinate payments to our external charities.

Rhian Chapman
Board Member:

I am proud to be a part of the Charitable Trust and to make a difference to communities in need.

Sarah Dawson
Marketing & Comms:

Being part of the NDY Charitable Trust affords me the privilege of providing meaningful support communities in both short and long term need. The charities we support are focused on minimising administrative overheads, ensuring that more of the funds we commit are used to create positive change.

William McCulloch
Committee Member:

I am proud to be a part of the Charitable Trust and to make a difference to communities in need.

Justin Peberdy
Committee Member:

Being a part of the Trust provides a unique and powerful opportunity to make a real difference to communities in need. I feel very fortunate to be involved and proud to represent the Canberra office. Working to make a positive impact on our community, both locally and globally, is both personally inspiring and deeply rewarding.

Arif Zaher
Committee Member:

The work the NDY Charitable Trust committees carry out at an office level impact our local communities and the work the group carries out affects the lives of people globally. I am proud to serve the Trust as an Auckland Office representative. The effort we all put into the charitable initiatives help so many and translates to stronger communities. Helping others is a sentiment that is rooted in my personal values and principles. Wanting and providing for others what we have, generates genuine happiness.

Cara Clancy
Committee Member:

Working as part of the NDY Charitable Trust Committee is an honour and a team I am proud to be a part of.

I’m a strong believer in trying to make positive changes, where we can, to the lives of those around the world who are less fortunate than ourselves. The Trust enables this kind of impactful change, and you can really see this come through in some of the feedback we get from the charities, sometimes directly from the people who have been supported, which is amazing to see and very rewarding.

Caroline Lee
Committee Member: Melbourne

The Trust provides an opportunity to help those in need, both within the local community and also in developing countries. As the Melbourne Office Charitable Trust representative I work with our social club to organise fundraising activities to support and promote local charities.  Many members of staff volunteer for, or support local charities which are close to their hearts. As the office Charitable Trust representative,  I organise for donations to be made to these charities on behalf on the Charitable Trust.

Wail Ragai
Committee Member: Adelaide

The Trust is important to me because it gives me the opportunity to contribute with minimal effort in charity work. Charity is one of my main beliefs and values. It is a matter of faith to at least possess the intention of helping communities and individuals whenever and wherever you can. It is also defined as one of the main purposes of life.

Julia Thompson
Committee Member: Wellington

I love being able to contribute to and get involved with NDY Charitable Trust initiatives. The Trust enables me to drive awareness and engage directly in giving back to our local and global communities in need.

Daniel Collopy
Committee Member: Perth

The Trust provides a great opportunity to provide support to communities who need it most, locally and internationally. It is important to see how our contributions are making a real difference, talking with the teams working on the ground who coordinate all the amazing work.

Drew Roche
Committee Member: London

The Trust is important to me as it provides an excellent connection between NDY and communities. This link is very grounding and provides perspective and reflection whilst also enabling support to those who need it most, and are synonymous with NDY and the wider Tetra Tech family.

The support provided is both precautionary and dynamic and holistically aligns with NDY’s culture and approach – it’s wholly refreshing.

I chair the NDY London office’s internal team whereby we organize fundraising activities, coordinate volunteering, organize events and ensure staff are supported through charitable ventures. In addition, I speak with the committee to ascertain global fund raising and donations along with our accounts.

John Iksens
Committee  Member: Brisbane

The NDY Charitable Trust is important to me as it provide a platform for NDY to give back to other less fortunate than us. My role as Brisbane representative is keep the local Brisbane office up to date with the Trust activities as well as coordinate find raising and events at a local level. It also provides a great opportunity to donate to local charities that would otherwise be unknown to the trust.

The Trust established in 2011 is a separate entity to NDY, and has its own Board and Management Committee.  The Trust’s committee provides leadership to the wider NDY business through internal promotion of the Trust’s work.

The Board and Committee members receive no remuneration for their work with the Trust and volunteer their time and skills to:

  • Coordinate with offices to develop fundraising initiatives which elicit donations
  • Monitor donations
  • Gather information on charity work being undertaken by NDY staff to share and inspire more good work from NDY’s staff
  • Recommend donations for Board approval
  • Manage the budget which is 100% committed to charitable donations
  • There are no administration costs attached to the Trust.

The Committee comprises a chairperson, two additional board members; and a staff member elected within each NDY office.

The Trust’s office based committee members also chair a local committee who are focused on generating creative ideas to raise donations for the Trust, and then executing these local fundraising activities. Each NDY office committee also receives an allocation of funds from the Trust to invest in local charities which meet the Trust’s remit. This top down approach to the work of the Trust ensures that all NDY and ECS staff are exposed to and have an opportunity to contribute to the good work undertaken by the Trust. In turn, this provides local office teams with the opportunity to see the impact of the Trust’s investment in their local community, driving wider engagement with local charities.